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Our company, which started operating in 1984, continues to grow fast and strong by adding strength to its production power, which continues to grow stronger every year and continues in 5000 m2 closed area.

In the globalized world, every organization provides products and services to a certain standard, but one step forward is to provide better quality products and services.

Our company guarantees the quality of the products it produces while still in the production stage with laboratory tests equipped with input-process-final control and high-tech test equipment.

Our company, which is in the first place in the sector with its modern management understanding and staff, carries on its experience and knowledge accumulation and continues its commitment to total quality management with unconditional customer satisfaction and customer loyalty for years.

We are proud of bringing foreign currency to my country by exporting to country of love.

Sert Plastik Mission 

To make difference by following technical development in the world and market research to meet the expectation of our customers.

To support new developments and shape up the future.

Bearing in the mind of that it is crucial not only increase the number of new customers and also keep our current customers content.

To reach the peak in our sector with our values, knowledge and financially strong structure.

Sert Plastik Vision

To rich customer’s satisfaction through environmental friendly, respectfully and proactive means. By doing so, continously self-evolving and improving production techniques.

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